the battle - buried dreams

Te rog, așteaptă...

in a path to northern lands
i feel the cold
if you turn the light to dark a blackened sh-r- covers your soul
it’s time to seal the cause
the wind is getting stronger
and the woods begin to scream
now you’re lost you won’t come out
in this world of darkness
the nature leads your life
i will try to understand why you kill your hopes left to come out
drowning life for being wrong
in the lonely times of sad depression
why will they be standing there
trying to reach out with the sight away
walking through the darkness
they are falling to their knees
fightin with our visions
they obey us as we please
living with their close minds
they are lying to themselves
the battle we are fighting
is the battle to open minds
fight in the battalion
rise in the battalion
die for the great battle

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