insurrection of the living damned - bulldozer

Te rog, așteaptă...

screaming for revenge, i will destroy their world
all those sick b-st-rds, sisters just the first
and i will fight for, the revenge of h-ll
rape the nun virgins, victims in their cell

hate the law of preachers
scorn the light
hunters of the graveyards
join the fight
stupid priests die!
good on fire!

i just can tell you, the way i will pretend
take the innocent soul, treat her like a friend
welcome her in your room
break her two holes, till it reaches the neck

this is the only way, we don’t feel remorse
show your power to the brides,
from the king they will devorce
set their soul free, they will give you all
both the soul and the body, that’s the final fall

- versuri bulldozer

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