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9/9 (group b freestyle) - "brokie"

Te rog, așteaptă...

the fact that i can even rap on this beat is a f-ckin’ flex

[verse 1]
rainy day outside
feel like drake, look alive
b-tch you can’t, won’t survive
in the paint
b-tch i been a saint
f-ck it, christ
look away or in my eyes
is you fake or you gon’ ride?
b-tch i’m lookin’ great!
and you a 5
i remember 8th
rappin’ lil vibe, boi

you gon’ f-ckin’ die boy!
i just wanna rap about like something new
i don’t wanna do
like the others do
i don’t wanna do
like my brothers do
i don’t wanna do
what my mother do
9 to 5 ain’t for me
this my life not the streets
wait- what if i die?
would y’all remember me?
nine divide nine
thats what imma bе!
number 1 motherf-cka!
[verse 2]
lately i been stressed
i ain’t been thе best
mind has been a mess
not sayin’ i ain’t blessed
got lack of motivation
too much irritation
all my homies stayin’
getting allegations
i don’t know who to side with
both are suicide
it’s cuttin’ circulation
nation fallin’
i been stationed ballin’
now satans callin’
imma make a mark and
imma make the music
b-tch i’m fluent in the sh-t talk
not saying i ain’t blessed
but i been depressed
writers block been hittin’ hard now
f-ck trust i won’t let my guard down
wrist redder than the queen’s guard now
i just smoked an eighth i’m seein’ stars now
i don’t gotta rap about a car now
i got on group b and i barred out
f-ck the destination
i got motivation
imma flood the nation
now i’m sittin’ waitin’
i’m just being patient
this a f-ckin’ murder
this assassination b-tch!
i’m behind in class
i don’t got a lot of projects turned in
f-ck the destination
imma sit and wait and
make music while i let the world spin

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