preacher of sodomy - broken hope

Te rog, așteaptă...

pedophile priest a preacher of sodomy,
innocent children giving head to blasphemy,
in the catholic church religions is his role,
to speak the lord’s word he had devoted his soul,
committed to the church and a vow of celibacy,
his holiness burns with s-xual tensions and religious lunacy,
he pushes inside, they cry as their -n-s rips,
from their tender lips his unholy s-m-n drips,
sodomizing boys within the house of god,
screaming as they rectally accept his prod,
withdrawing his bl–dy p-n-s now hard as a rock,
he takes a page of scripture and with it wipes his c-ck,
he quotes the bible to his daily congregation,
his b-ttocks bleed from the choir boys flagellation,
a molester of innocence, violating with every deed,
so many times among chapel pews he has spent his seed,
children he baptizes know of his crucifix of skin,
he makes it holy in their mouths as they choke it in.

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