hell's whip - brocas helm

Te rog, așteaptă...

[lyrics by jean schumacher]

sound and fury
smoke and flames
how can all this be

studs and leather
h-ll’s whip flashing
coming down on me

i’ve stayed one step
ahead of time
but now the cracks of doom
snakes across my back
like lightning

burning bright
my soul is dying
watch out for the thunder

throw the lights upon me
like diamonds on the sky
music is my magic
and magic is my high

but still they keep on striking
those flaming whips of steel
won’t you tell me
what you want from me?

i’m running
i’m screaming
i’m fling like a fallen
angel for you
can’t you feel my thunder

and there’s no rest
for the wicked
no sleep for the metal demon
no rest for the wicked
’till the black knight comes

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