versuri 01 kid - brian may

Te rog, așteaptă...

verse 1

man i’m that kid
i’m from the burbs
i got this girl on my mind
and i’m always on my grind
chasing paper x2
i want stacks in my safe
i’m all about my business
i’m in the studio & i’m trapping
man i’m in the kitchen & im whipping

it’s the 01 kid
i’m the realest in the game
b-tches love me
but these nikkaz hate
i ain’t got no time
been a boss from start
i’m crazy with the flow
and i know you want more
n-gga oh yeah
50’s 100’s on on me
i’m working all night
just tryna get my money right
i got the plan ,i’m gon be rich..

i know this sh-t got your speakers f-cked up
y’all were never ready for this
independent never signing
i’m the sh-t and im doing well
i’m with the realest nikkaz
tryna make the figures
i’m the greatest ,my chick the baddest
you said you running this game
but you can’t even run a lap
yeah i’m tryna smoke a blunt
f-ck a thot
if she pull up with her friend
imma f-ck em both
& every time i pull up in the city
it’s always litty
all of my b-tches is pretty
& man they freaky
i’m steady swagging with my st–zy
all of you nikkaz is fugazy
all of you nikkaz are lazy
man i’m with your lady
i got her going crazy
funny how these nikkaz want a feature
but they don’t wanna pay me
man these guys they crayyy-zy
okay okay
yeah i’m the one
money on my mind
i stay on my grind


gotta fill up the tank
gotta f-ck up the bank
gotta f-ck up the check

- versuri brian may

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