versuri 08.01 - brandon isaiah

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse 1]
sometimes i feel like
sometimes i feel like i be going through it on my own
it’s hard to trust your sould when your body always cold
my nerves are gettig bad and i ain’t even that old
seeking to find my power and trying not to go ghost
you understand, i’m 25 with a mind of a hustler, heart of a lion who be smoking like a m-ffler
double shot of bourbon just to keep me on my feet
you happen to be a legend in the making, cause the world need me
like [?], like kobe and shaq, lebron and kyrie but its over with that
so i’mma burn the blunt down when i’m painting this picture and heads off to the girl that p-ssed on me
now the only time you see me is up in my snap story, don’t lie
you feel stupid, i know you do
but i was running game, when really you wasn’t culturable
there been plenty women in my life and know that something wasn’t right
everybody tasting your goodies, i don’t need that in my life
for myself, for my son, for my seed
you dying from your nightmares, we livin’ out our dreams
[?] cross the world and watch ’em growing to trees
i’m plottin’ on a milli, i know it may seem silly to some but you and i are not the same so don’t compare me to you bums
i’m stressed more so i keep some kush up in my lungs to relax more
but still i’m not a cheefer, i’m just numb
to everything that i see and before i put this gun
i’mma vibe out
take a time out
might even fly out
go check my pops in brooklyn and see what he been cooking up
what do you do when good ain’t good enough?
who do you call when the one you need ain’t picking up?
that’s the reality i speak of
you dissin? better speak up
don’t like the type of [?] that you sneak up
catchin’ you by surprise while your feet up
holding my nuts with my left hand
waiting for my food so i can go and split
gotta get to the studio and finish up this record
plus my son with me and i know he want breakfast
late nights, early mornings on a regular
gotta leave a legacy, i’m a compet-tor
when it’s said and done i won’t be sitting on this chatter
et cetera, et cetera

i knocked the d-mn head phone out
i knocked the head phone out

- versuri brandon isaiah

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