ego - boyz ii men

Te rog, așteaptă...

hey man…you know sometimes you’ve got to
listen to your self or not listen to yourself
that’s how it is
as you get a little older you start realizing things
realize it’s your ego
it’s your ego that’s enemy…you know
that’s the only thing that can stop you…is your ego
hey…it’s crazy man, but we got you…so listen

my ego had me doing things that i thought i’d never do
like being with another shorty when i was with you
unnecessary shopping sprees for things i didn’t need
maybe it was a little necessary
but looking back it was greed
big chains, big cars, big chips
more things, more girls, long trips
maybe if i would’ve thought of it
i would have had a chance to enjoy it

but now i know it was just my ego
my ego was my enemy
i thought it was a friend to me
but it was a curse to me
cause it brought out the worst in me
my ego was my enemy

i was flowin like a man when i was a boy livin every man’s dream
spending time at the strip club…to much cream
n-body couldn’t tell me nothin cause i was feeling myself
same thing almost cost me my whole life, and all of my wealth
chicks came and went…i stayed
g’d up cause i was paid
d-mn all those games i played
hey, what more can i say


if i could turn back the hands of time
i wouldn’t change a thing
cause it made me the man i am today


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