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sunshine - bow wow

Te rog, așteaptă...

[talking:] yeah, that’s my sunshine right there haha

i get girls all around the word
but i ain’t got one that got all that, all that
(you, you, got)
suttin that’ll make me come home,
tell my girl that i love her but i’m never coming back ha
(you, you, got)
what we call that sunshine sunshine,
get’a get it one time, make me hook.
(you, you, got)
what we call that sunshine sunshine
when he be walking wit’ his girl a n-gg- gotta look, gotta look
(you, you, got)

what you hear me talkin’ bout, you just ain’t gon find out
walkin’ round in somebody’s club, now she’s sayin her house
but when she hit the scene, shawty do it so mean,
and everybody round is affected by the being
man i’m talkin’ real hott even if you get a shot
everythin’ else you got, will totally be forgot
you can see it in her face, you can see it in her shape
n-gg-‘s see it and immediately go pull out a key
way before they get the s-x, go start spendin’ checks
broke ones send her flowers, rich n-gg-‘s sendin’ jets
man the behind on her, shawty got a mind on her,
independent wit’ it, baby girl got a grind on her
all that’ll make you fall, all that’ll make you ball
run up in the mall, d-mn near try to buy it all
so if you got a wife, and some kids at home,
might aswell go head and make ??


to me it ain’t nothin like gotta have every night
shawty keep it real tight, make it feel real right
just what i be lookin for, leave me feenin wantin’ more
in the dictionary she body by the word ‘woah’
i just love ya style, drive a n-gg- wild,
brighten up my day, you make me wanna smile,
i just wanna fell your touch, to me girl you’re so much,
knew that you would shine from the first time that we crushed,
the room was so dark, back had a mean arch,
through me apart and from the start, took a n-gg-‘s heart,
girl i think you the best, and i probably need a rest
cos i ain’t stopped since i seen you and you said yes
i never told you this, but the juicyness of your lips
got me crazy, that’s why i love to kiss,
you, it’s true, got your boy in a twist,
ha! now i’m gone like swiss..

[chorus til end]

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