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been doin' this - bow wow

Te rog, așteaptă...

(feat. t.i.)

say man
old n-gg-s told me there two types of n-gg- i life you know
n-gg-s who talk that sh-t
and n-gg-s who do that sh-t

let them n-gg-s gon hate cos they got to
what i care about you
hey you know i been doing this for years
other n-gg-s saying wait, i ain’t got to
other n-gg-s cop two
and you know i been doing this for years
why theses n-gg-s gon hate?
cos they got to
never let em stop you
hey you know i been doing this for years
other n-gg-s sayin wait, i ain’t got to
you know i been not to
you know i been doing this for years.

[verse 1]
hit the club do it big
show these n-gg-s how i live
100 gs for the chain
couple mill for the crib
if you had it like i had
i bet you do it like this
lamborghini dubs going up
looking so sick
i make it rain
i make it rain
in any club that i go into
toss a couple stacks out
ballin yeah that’s what i do
and these n-gg-s know exactly what i’m riding on
(what you ride homie)
24 inches on the old school
beat up knockin
these hoes keep jockin
and these tags imma pop em
i’m a real show shopper
sold out shows everywhere i go
just to hear the young boy from the old ways flow
when it comes to the money imam get that doe
imam get that doe n-gg- that’s for sho
can’t n-body do it quite like this man
they cool but they ain’t like this man
got ice on my neck and my wrist man
ya’ll n-gg-s can’t do it like this man
and im stil on top whether you like it or not
n-gg- i won’t flop
what you think cos i sold a couple of million i’m gon stop?


[verse 2]
these n-gg- can’t do it like i
everyday this n-gg- stay fly
26 inches be on my ride
hear my dubs be suicide
still black card spending
if it’s hot then i’m in it
when it comes to the hoes you know imma get em
at the mall everyday so you know that i’m fitted
everything that i done hop in undid it
tell these men first time i drop
6 years later still on top
makin these hits but it ain’t gon stop
imma get this money til my casket drop
and yes, yes my n-gg- imma baller
they had to nickname me mr tear the mall up
clip the bar
when i hit that mall
shut the whole mall down
buying everything i saw
and these lame n-gg-s hating on me cos they hoes all want me
hey it ain’t my fault
you should havin it, check homie
something like a pimp
yeah i ball from a sip
so much money in my pocket got me walkin with a limp
and you say you got money but i ain’t like this
amd imma keep shinin on you haters so sick


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