versuri boss man - boosie badazz

Te rog, așteaptă...

them n-ggas did that for the boss man (x2)
boosie i got you, got you, got you, got you

boosie i got you, got you.. boosie i got you, got you…. (x2)

[verse 1: ?]
og grinding, og gonna stomp ya
i’m that old n-gga with that ugly -ss revolver
n-ggas talking sh-t but ain’t ready to die
choppers with a hundred rounds ready to fly

[verse 2: ghost]
ghost coming like a ghost, you can’t see me ’til i’m on ya
slip the clip in, rip up the whole corner
tell boss man everything will be alright
we coming through the night and we gone put it in they life

[verse 3: ?]
and real talk, i’m the type to let the irons fought when it’s time boss, closed casket
rep i do it for the boss man, broad day with a k, i set it off man
i ain’t no stand down n-gga, i pull these triggers to erase these n-ggas
hollow head hit ya, amber lamps come and get ya
and i ain’t tripping on the cost man i do it for the boss man


[verse 4: bleek]
it’s bleek and i bang sh-t, right hand man sh-t
c-ck it back and split ’em when they f-ck with my n-gga
track life b-tch, been together since babies
try’na’ jack hatch, b-tch you must be crazy
that down for life sh-t, that brother-brother sh-t
i feel you trying to jack and i’m upping on a b-tch
that down for life sh-t, that brother-brother sh-t
i feel you trying to jack and i’m upping on a b-tch

[verse 5: marlo mike]
marlo mike b-tch, and i’m insane in the brain (for real)
bust a n-gga -ss if they f-ck with badazz
do it out of love, i don’t need no green
straight k!lled a n-gga, i ain’t nothing but fifteen

[verse 6: big loc]
i’m big loc and i clean for the bossman
and when he clucking i get lean for the bossman
and when he wrinkled i iron jeans for the bossman
serving fiends for the bossman
i done done it all, n-gga

[verse 7: lil boosie]
now these last works from the boss man, and his first words
were k!lling n-ggas who hating on me, what they deserve
bleek like he’ll do it on gp, cause he’s my dawg
one phone call, job done
for the boss man
if i got to leave a minute, handle situation
grind hard put a smile on my kids faces
retaliation but it’s only when the boss call
listen close and take notes when the boss talks
he tell ya spark spark, chill chill, k!ll k!ll
one call he made bun, didn’t he keep it real?
so when he flash you gotta take it sometimes
you know your boss got a lot on his mind, you know your boss grind
lot of n-ggas can’t be in my shoes, (nah) lotta n-ggas can’t control they goons
we catch you chilling at the room, or outside at noon, and it’s chick, chicka-chicka boom
for the boss man

[hook 4]


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