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n-harmony - pay what you owe - bone thugs

Te rog, așteaptă...

“pay what you owe”

[intro – krayzie]
y’all know who it is: bone thugs-n-harmony, harmony, harmony

[chorus – krayzie & flesh]
they know i’m crazy by the flow
n-gga never lazy ’bout my dough, dough, dough
i’m in the flesh but i’m quest for mo’
bizzy, wish, & baby just pay me the money i’m owed, owed, owed

ooooh yeah
back is that mighty reala
ooooh yeah
doin’ it the way they never
ooooh yeah, ooooh, oooh yeah, ah yeah

[verse 1 – layzie bone]
see, all i know was get out and get it
i stay on the grind all night ’til my feet go numb
blowin’ mo’ weed than cheech & chong
livin’ by the motto: to each his own
got speed, its on
flesh freed, he home
then we’d go wrong, it wasn’t in the plan
designed by the man upstairs
this testimony and we say, ‘we can, we can!’
we can do it
gotta put ya mind to it
put ya feet in the dirt
just push right through it
when sh-t get rough
you gotta stick to it
play that bone thug music
it’s that feel-good music
chill or act a fool with it
real thug n-gg-s with real-life drama is just like watchin’ a movie
soundtrack of my life
right how they bounce back more than twice
alright, i admit we done did some crazy sh-t
but i stop, repent
kept god in my sights
recognize it was a fight
either you’re wrong or you’re right
let the song be the light
eternally them bone thug soldiers
i’m mighty mo-thuggin’ fo’ life!

[chorus – krayzie & flesh]

[verse 2 – flesh-n-bone]
ooooh, yeah
they back, finna hit y’all with that mighty real good, ooooh
no doubt about it
you bound to feel it good
we still hood, even though we came up
changed the whole game up
no matter how much they angry steady saying we ain’t the same.
pointing the blame at us
the only thing is imma go get it even if i gotta split your wig
they can’t get enough of my style cause i got the job well done winning it (winnin’ it)
big up’s to all of my hustlers
while the globe spinnin’, it ain’t time to sleep
break me off a piece of that paradise pie
‘til the day i die, imma represent my peeps
hit up food from all of this
somebody sneak they piece
nothin’ but heat for the streets
now turn up that bone beat (beat)
they tried to hold me, but couldn’t keep me down cause flesh got a whole world of my trues to be found

[chorus – krayzie & flesh]

[verse 3 – bizzy bone]
you owe me money, man
if not i gotta get my respect
it’s too many years of grindin’
baby mama want my royalty checks
it ain’t about twista
but n-body flippin’ their tongue like ripsta
no n-gg- done caused my earthquake like march
remember that way little capo got hurt when
my n-gg-s is hurtin’ daily
good thing wally see me and krayzie
they would have just left them hailin
and there were shots in the melee
it was never to protect myself
little layzie got em baby!
and i pop, popped everyone else
tanks swell over the double
me problems tends again and never left
when i see the face of zee
bothers me, back’n yo step!
you never could feel my wepts (remember that)
would never have got dissed with bone
off to another dimension
you owe me, but i’m on my own
now come on!

[chorus – krayzie & flesh]

[verse 4 – krayzie bone]
still chasin’ that paper, dawg
and i won’t slow down ’til i done made it all
they better give me what’s mine
imma get it then go grind
get up in it one mo’ time (time)
better ask about my rep
better check yourself, self, self
they must’ve thought i was somebody else, body else
yeah, everybody better (?) little bit of bone thugs
bet they’ll never own us
we originated that there, sho’ nuff
better run and go get they flow heard
came from cleveland, ohio
the realest that i know
they’ll never sound nothin’ like bone, clones!
them faders, the greatest, and even the haters is singin’
yeah we make ‘em zone
we make ‘em sing, sing!
no matter what they say
everybody, all know bone changed the game, game, game
we made them sing like me
against the grain, grain, grain
if they don’t wanna respect me and where i come from
i tell ‘em they can run on up, come on over and get ‘chu some, get ‘chu some, some

[chorus – krayzie & flesh]

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