2k&1 (still i live) - blvckchvrch

Te rog, așteaptă...

(bc lin)
i might f-ck her brains out
i might choke her lights out
i might gut the f-cking b-tch
wit my d-ck like a trout
i might bash the f-cken sl-t
throw her body in the trunk
10 shots to the dome
while svdi stay chocking on dope
i might crash the whip
still i live
so i take pleasure in gutting a b-tch
leave her skull crushed while she rots in a ditch
gripping my d-ck cause the site makes me itch
i’m gone
too lost
in the idea that i can be god
the fog
the thought
that soon ill regain what i’ve lost
so sorry b-tch
but jesus rots inside my gut his head in cabinet
i’m tryna live my fullest life before i take that sh-t
i can not wait for the blessed day where 2000 and 1 bodies lay spread out but yet still i slay
theres no remorse in my eyes
his arm in vice
watch as i turn the crank to crush his bone
hammer to dome
watch as he begs for me to stop the pain
its all in vain
i fillet and maim then drain from a main vein
then walk away

(bc svdi)
svdi back up in that chevy
with the blade he ready
coming for that fetti fetti
yeah, i want it, need it
pull up on your block and bleed it
flex the cash and act conceited
step to me and get defeated
if you really want it
you’ll get it, got it
grab the arms and chop it
stick the ribs and pop it
know you b-tches copy
copy names and jock the wave
you b-tches on the d-ck for fame
tell em shut the f-ck up
eat a d-ck
and hop up out my way
svdi on his own d-ck
svdi on his own sh-t
svdi want the throne b-tch
svdi collecting bones b-tch
ash and smoke, all that’s left to mourn
when i rise to overthrow, b-tch
blvck and that’s my own cl!ck
chvrch the gang i preach till i’m lifeless
numb, fallen, pulse less
to think you’ll ever amount to this
how’s this?
you p-ssy mothaf-ckas get up out my way
and i just might spare you to watch the rest of the bodies decay

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