versuri 02. hit em up - blue foreign

Te rog, așteaptă...

[intro: eli amari]
so many cloudy days
so many rainy days (blue foreign got the heat)

f-ck what you talking about
guess imma take em up
say another word imma lay em out
don’t give a f-ck how you feeling
yeah yeah

[hook: eli amari]
stuck in a hood tryna find my way out
mama told me to never quit so i’m always out and about
and i’m ready to take em out
and i’m ready to hit em up
ooouuu i be thinking maybe i should hit em up
maybe i should take em out
maybe i should be the one
maybe i should run em down…
maybe i really should do em dirty
maybe i really should…
don’t test me n-gga

[verse 1: eli amari]
don’t test me i’d really x2 smoke you
i don’t trust n0body in my own crew
life is b-tch so make sure that b-tch is beautiful
they gon’ tryna shoot us better believe we shooting too…
hit em up…
swear to god hit em up…
swear to god
take em out…
i’m ready to take em out n-ggas want the smoke
i’m ready to send em now lord be ready
no one can save em now no
no one can save em now yeah…

real spooky real x2 spooky
when i wake up in this club it get real x2 spooky now
be ready when i take em out yeah
be ready when i hit em up yeah

i’m feeling great today, i’m
ready to take em out today yeah
you n-ggas cannot see me
i’m just ready to go now

[verse 2: blue foreign]
i don’t wanna fake this
sometimes i feel like i’m a goat you just can’t hate me
dirty on my cup am i on reverse
i don’t wanna play games imma smoke you

i got pain… inside me…
the time that you told me i ain’t sh-t huh
now i made it out the hood on a big crib
now we order overseas n we ship things
hit em up x2
imma hit em up
call me on the phone yeah i’m up all night
imma different breed imma hottest in my city
no i don’t need no team
free all the brothers in a jail cell
murder on my mind imma k!ll the beat
blue foreign on the streets imma hit a l!ck
it ain’t you and me

blue foreign got the heat

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