mother earth - blood on the dance floor

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mother earth

our planet
mother earth is the sacred home to us all
the earth is constantly providing and sustaining all life
there is no scarcity, only abundance and bounty
this is a natural state in which our planet is in
that is also a true state
we truly have it all
the elemental forces of the earth
are the manifestation of the energy of life
we have the air, water, fire, and wind
these elements are manifestations that influence
and transform energy into matter
the earth’s energy field is a powerful balance
creating dark and light
we are connected to this balance
through earth we receive energy, support, prosperity, and strength
we are never separate from the earth
and its abundant energy
we are all in this together, we are one
i remember to see the world
through eyes of love and acceptance
all is magnificent in my world
i have come to this planet
to learn to love myself more
and to share that love
with all those around me
as i change my thoughts
the world changes around me
greatness exist in all of us

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