standard flow - blazin' squad

Te rog, așteaptă...

(rocky b)
in the beginning there were two decks and a microphone,
in the end the blazin’ squad stoodalone,
where the eastends best kept secret,
ten men in our crew,
tnp xplosive
bringing the tunes
and we’re all busting standard flows.

i’m blazin hot like the heat of the sun,
no time to loose put the suppressor on the gun,
make no mistake cause melo-d is number one,
dont even want to step me because the battle has been won,
hype up the set 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,
better brace yourself for the fight is to become,
a battle of all dapa d’s fighting for the right to be a garage mc.

stop, wait here i go, mc sniper top of the show,
come step to me im a p-r-o,
if you get rude,
get peoples elbow, we’re coming at ya with the standard flow,
you’ve hit rock bottom, and then i bust the eyebrow,
so step to me your get done, don’t hesitate just bring it on.

(rocky b – chorus)
standard flow we alert the 5, 0,
come with the lyric to make you go woh,
come with the lyric tomake you say, bo,
(rocky b here if you didn’t know)
standard flow you see us at shows,
blazin’ squad upon the radio, 3, 2, 1, and its time to go,
who’s up next on the microphone.


when i come through black suit,
white shirt better quit the game,
you aint gonna be the one with money to gain, yo,
throw your hands in the air if you wanna test this, ha,
thats what i thought so i said you couldn’t,
and even if you could, you know you really shouldn’t,
i’ll pull it over your eyes and over your face and flava’s
surprise is what you can taste
so don’t be late,
coz these cats tempt no fate,
mcs wanna hate never wanna act bait,
so fat, so never sound wack on this track,
takin your boys, my kru be down for these cats.

cotched in the back of a blacked out car,
with the rhythm rolling upon the speaker,
chromed out alloys and a lower b-mper,
twin exhaust and a private number,
spike-e mc gets you hyper,
you think i’m dark well i go deeper,
think your quicker well im just quicker,
two spinning decks and a fat mixer,
think you’re bad well im just badder,
bare fake mcs and i cant stand ya.

(repeat chorus x2)

oi, its my story,
how we done this robbery,
so listen and listen good,
coz blazin are back in the hood,
come across sniper better better touch wood,
you should know, step to flava get wablo,
make sure you dont wreck kenzie’s show,
he’ll lick you up from your head to your toe
he don’t care about 5, 0
all they do is smoke hi-jo,
mc freek im a lyrical pro, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0,
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0.

this one’s standard this one heavy
this is a story all about me
the one the krazy,
you know im heavy,
cause whern im on the mic
im a lyrical g,
im a raver, going further,
getting louder,
forthe one tongue twister,
blazin’ squad will get ya hyper.

back in the beginning it was me and flava,
the two best mcs inside your manor,
enter the streets with your dolca and gabbana,
get the listening raver hy-pper cha
hit em with the flash lighter,
up middle finger we come and get ya,
enter my h and g selector
when im spitting out my lyrics,
spitting out my lyrics,
pull by the trigger its another winner,
my lyrical flow will just makeyou shiver,
kenzie mc with the lyrical thriller,
westside i just stand and deliver
zimm zimmer get up make you quiver
cruising right behind you in my bim bimmer,
joy riding policemen undercover
me and my crew we do it proper.

(repeat chorus x4 to fade)

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