phase ii - blanck mass

Te rog, așteaptă...

part i: 00:00 – 00:51


part ii: 00:51 – 04:35

no, i’m happy to see you, uh. i’m interested in, um, longterm [inspections?]. you guys, you don’t, i don’t, i don’t even know you, but lemme tell you somethin’, i’m gonna talk to you. i think your destiny has been very hard and tragic on you. travelin’ in your destiny has been a [?], in the sense that what you do and what you appreciate, but do you recognize misery and blessin’s go together? it’s how you handle the b-tch ass misery for the blessin’. do i stay the same? do i st- i don’t know! the thing that i think you’re missin’, for me, on not knowin’ you, is that you don’t know how to handle the misery on the way to the blessin’. being transformed by the renewal of your mind. i’m over here being powerful and not knowing your sh-t! your [?] is not that strong ’cause i’ve [?]. look at me at 55 and no drugs, punk! may 1st, i’m a mayday baby on top of that. london celebrates my sh-t. edinburgh! edinburgh too!

ok, you know what i did in church last sunday? i said, “listen!” i said, “i give god money to get money back!” i wanna give him thirty percent of my earnin’s, ’cause if i give him thirty percent, he only ask for ten percent? no more prayer on finances! oh, yes! mhm! that’s where you at, you wanna be a millionaire? then be a millionaire, if you can be a millionaire! ion’t pay tithes to get faith, i pay tithes to get coins! god ask me to bless him, then bless me, and let my [sun/son?] be overflowin’. y’see, the cup is full, i’m not givin’ up nothin’ on the cup full. i don’t care if you my lover, woman, husband, sister momma, daddy, you ain’t gettin’ none of that. but then when i’m overflowin’? aw, baby, whatcha need? can i pay your rent for ya? because if i pour out on my cup overflowin’, it’s gonna come back to keep overflowin’!

come here, you’re so wonderful. i’m so glad i met you all, i, i, i can’t even begin to tell you how refreshing it can be on [praying your?]. but i’m like, who are you? b-tch, i don’t give a f-ck what you feelin’, you need to talk to me. you know what, i thank you for bein’ who you were in my life for that one day, if you don’t continue this. ’cause i ain’t scared of y’all [dark/dog?] ass b-tches, comin’ up from yo’ tradition, punk! you in america! see you when

part iii: 04:35 – 08:47


part iv: 08:47 – 10:35


part v: 10:35 – 13:06

[stomping, screaming]

part vi: 13:06 – 15:09

part vii: 15:09 – 16:11


part viii: 16:11 – 19:33


[water draining]
is that one pickin’ up sound from that f-ckin’ truck?

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