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sanctified woman - blackberry smoke

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sanctified woman

i went lookin for a sanctified woman
she was just the kind of woman i was hopin’ to find
i left home in the middle of december
she’s the only kind of woman could keep me in line
i found a girl just across the line in georgia
she was livin’ by the highway in a pink doublewide
we left town in a 79 camaro
had a bag full of nothin’ and a bottle of wine

can’t you see me go up in flames
can’t you hear me screamin’ your name
i need some redemption today
from that sanctified woman

i went back to my home in alabama
saw my daddy in the driveway with a tear in his eye
he said “son, what you doin’ with that woman?”
said i gotta keep on runnin’ ‘fore i run outta time


i don’t even know i don’t even know
what we’re gonna do where we’re gonna go
i don’t wanna know i don’t wanna know
well we gotta go somewhere cause we sure ain’t got no home

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