i can see your spirit - black country communion

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“i can see your spirit”

you’re automatic
so wild to thrill
you say you won’t
but i know you will
you’re so dramatic
how can it be?
so full of life
and energy!
no need to panic
don’t feel your age
l hear you live in
a golden cage
you get so manic
you get so spun
get out my
you’re a loaded gun
come around midnight
l pull down my guard
l want to feel it
i can see your spirit
so psychedelic
right to the core
i’m gonna tie you down
to the floor
you’ re so angelic
my little queen
high from above
in a time machine
you’re so electric
so far and wide
your majesty
won’t you be my guide?
you are connected
so deep within
now can’t you see
by the shape i’m in?
i see the sacred walls
that surround you
i see from 10 miles
i’m so high … high

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