my mind - birth control

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my mind

heard the winds of time
and couldn’t make a rhyme
when the sun came out at midnight
searched the song of joy
but only found the blues
within my fears, within my tears
within my tears of eyes
within my fears of lies

i’ve seen so many mates
who tried to keep in line
in spite their hearts were almost weaping
they saw the pagans cry
and turned their heads away
into the night, but not to fight
but not to fight their fears
they cannot dry my tears

sadness is my daily bread, while i’m with me
comfort cannot reach my mind, i’ve lost my tune
so i start to shout at you:
why don’t you show what you feel
where you go with a smile to your isle?
you say it’s fine, oh drinking your wine
looking at you, i’m getting out of tune
i’m getting out of tune

got to get my mind cannot be a blind man so
search a song of joy found a broken boy
got to keep in line had too much of bad wine an’
feeling not so bright got to get the light

my mind is a strange mind my noon is the night
my mind is devided into dark and into light

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