players ballad - big krit

Te rog, așteaptă...

(feat. raheem devaughn)

[chorus: raheem devaughn]
you’re welcome to go, where you’ve never been before
where them players play on, and all that you want’s in store
if i had to choose, i’d choose you
if i had to choose, i’d choose you
play on, play on, play on

[big k.r.i.t.]
yo, fresh linen, purple label it
polo high-horse in here, my closet where the stable is
immaculately making it, taking trips around the world
just to find my beauty-blinding, over-shining diamond girl (where she at?)
in and out of state, seen a lot of faces worthy of the glance
but none is worthy of the chance to be the queen of all the land as you
what once was a solo mission, i plan for two
do the sh-t that you can’t plan to do
foreign cars, moon and stars, player exotic beaches
five-star restaurants, cuisines you’ve never eaten
dive in your deepest crevice, no resting, we barely sleeping
make you one and only, for sure as my body breathing
never let it go, hold till you overload
the highs, no doubt the flyest chick on my totem pole
cause usually it’s player, player play on
but you can ride if you know how to stay on, shawty


[big k.r.i.t.]
now don’t go listening to the non-believing naysayers
i coach the team, you get the ring cause you’s a team player
scoring on these hoes in your red bottoms
on the runway like a model, drinking rose out the bottle
i’m proud to upgrade you on another level
if god is aphrodite, well i argue none better
so pardon my boast and bragging but i’m feeling
like i powerball played and won a billion cause i’m here with you
then we move and make these other hoes invisible
always banking, so correct with your residuals
and when our bodies intertwine it’s so spiritual
i’m nat king cole with the stroke, “unforgettable”
lay back, let your hair down
drop the top, roll a doobie up shawty, be one with the air now
cause usually it’s player, player play on
but you can fly if you know how to hang on


[outro: raheem devaughn]
we on the move
we on the move
big k.r.i.t. and radio raheem devaughn yeah
we on the move
we on the move…

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