i remember you dixie's dream - bette midler

Te rog, așteaptă...

[announcer:] “the stars of our show, and america’s “shiekest” couple,
eddie sparks and dixie leonard!”

[j:] i remember you.
[b:] i’d like to say that you’re in my dreams.
[j:] you’re the one who made my dreams come true
[b:] you’re usually dead,
[j:] a few
[b:] without a head,
[j:] kisses ago.
[b:] and lots of natives are picking their teeth with your bones.
[j:] i remember, too,
[b:] oh, what a dream!
[j:] a distant bell,
[b:] it comes at night and taunts me,
[j:] and stars that fell
[b:] and, like your jokes, it haunts me until
[j:] like rain out of the blue.
[b:] i’m blue as your face as the last breath leaves you.
[j:] when my life is through,
[b:] i’ll jump for joy.
[j:] and the angels ask me to recall
[b:] and when winch-ll asks me to recall
who’s a chump and a heel.
[j:] the thrill of it all,
[b:] who’s the biggest schlemeil?
[both:] then i will tell them i remember . . .
[j:] “so, uh, it’s my birthday comin’ up.”
[b:] “yeah, i know, eddie.”
[j:] “but, what do you give a guy that’s got everything?”
[b:] “uh, penicillin?”
[j:] “hmmm, hey dix? you ever been married?”
[b:] “oh, yeah, eddie, twice!”
[j:] “children?”
[b:] “no, silly! grown men!
tell me, eddie, what’s the most romantic thing a woman ever said to you?”
[j:] “are you sure you’re not a cop?”
then i will tell them i remember . . . you.
[b:] you
[j:] and you.

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