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poison in my veins - bayside

Te rog, așteaptă...

“poison in my veins”

the night sky’s black and i’m awake lying on the ground.
the gr-ss beneath my feet is hard and cold just like i’ve come to be.
the stars are gone behind the clouds and i can’t see a thing
so i’ll just let my eyes stay closed just like me, i can’t open up.

cause i’m all wrong and i don’t see a chance to fix this head
so just give up. write me off, pretend i don’t exist.

there’s something in an empty bed that makes it hard to close your eyes.
it can eat at you until they both turn black and blue
and all you want is a reason you should live
or a way for you to die, a way for you to die.


the grounds opening up. i’m falling down below
an endless fall into a place that i don’t think a child should know.
and i’m screaming out a name that could never p-ss my lips.
the poison in my veins that got me through her kiss.



and now i’m too hung up on that to have anything with you,
it’s the poison in my veins,
the poison in my veins
the poison in my veins that got me through

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