rock and stone - bargain music

Te rog, așteaptă...

don’t do it georgy
we don’t wanna go to war
all those lies flying out of your grill
i’ve heard them all before
oh i love my country
but i’ve got no love for you
your head is rock and stone

i remember, you know that i remember
when i saw those towers fall
i was the first one screaming retribution
but i can’t honestly say it wasn’t a little bit of our fault
we’re so good at foreign policy aren’t we

don’t do it georgy
they don’t wanna go to war
their trying to raise their families
they are hungry they are poor
ain’t you satisfied that you killed innocents
with no terror on their minds before
they live on rock and stone
earth and bone

do you remember, tell me do you remember
what your daddy did in panama
well i do
what if some panamanians came out and killed my family
when that sh-t just wasn’t my fault
do you understand me

don’t do it georgy
we don’t wanna

think about it, have you ever thought about it
ever single person that died on that day
well if so how can you wage a war in their name
against someone who was not at all to blame
cmon, cmon, cmon, cmon, cmon, cmon

don’t do it georgy
i’m not gonna go to war
come and tell me to my face what we’re really fighting for
five minutes with you and me all alone in a room
i’ll talk with rock and stone
foot and bone

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