no games (rick ross ft. future remix) - bad thad

Te rog, așteaptă...

can’t play no games with these n-ggas (no i dont wanna play no games)
can’t play no games with these n-ggas they so fake and they phony
can’t play no games with these n-ggas they treat me like lil chuck

[verse 1]
smilin in my face, but know they really dont mess wit me
but i don’t even care, i got myself on da side wit me
if you want to play you betta go to chuck e. cheese
i told my son i love em it dont matter what they think
opposite of broke, i try to keep my family close
n-ggas wanna hate, i try and give em what i know
and if they never learn, i will just sit and let em burn
i keep on making these deposits in the bank until its firm
holdin on my head, remain loyal ’til i’m dead
throw away the key them crackers want ya to be scared
but l’ll just face my fears and look da devil in his eyes
and tell em look n-gga dont you even look so surprised


[verse 2]
lookin very silly tryna keep up in his village
all he ever wanted was a milli, thats a ticket
got up on his feet, so he could travel around the globe
placed his eyes upon himself so that he would forever glow
show em how he did it, got em puffin just like diddy
and he got the city wit his queen just like 50
hit the ground runnin can’t a n-gga tell him sh-t
he gotta whole lot of gold, in his mind is the chips
all he need is time tell em get up out they mind
focus on ya self thats if you really wanna shine
i can see it all in my heart, thats if i grind
imma run to go and get me, while these m-th-f-ckas blind


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