moment (remix - lil wayne moment) - bad thad

Te rog, așteaptă...

live in the moment ’til we make it
it won’t be long before we make it

[verse 1: bad thad]
live in the moment ’til i see that lady face to face
ill spread my wings, through my heart i see your pretty face
i feel i gotta give the love and so i’ll give it all
i gotta run to go and get me, i gotta feed my dawgs
i gotta tell it all, i’m tellin you better you
you wonder why u never knew, you looked outside of you
but i’m gon turn you round so you can get up off that ground
it gotta balance out so come back down to level ground
i try and tell em look

live in the moment til we make it
it won’t be long before we make it

it ain’t a moment til we make it, im steady risen, i feel sacred
and i still hear my mama sayin, get thee away from me ol’ satan

[verse 2: bad thad]
so i’m climbin up a ladder and i’m fightin battles
i’m hopin dat my n-ggas dont get slaughtered just like cattle
gotta watch out for them people, they be creepin in white collars
watch out for them eves as the eavesdrop beside you
as i eat from the tree, in the mud was his seed
gotta fabricate my mind, i turned my eyes on the inside
and now i see inside of me it was so dark but now i shine
im so happy that i found the light
look up in the hills when the sun rises
and then watch it set stars multiplied
all i do is dream i want the finer things
my mind made of gold, i hate designer jeans


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