mindin my biness (lil wayne grindin remix) - bad thad

Te rog, așteaptă...

mindin, n-gga i’m mindin, my business

[verse 1]
im mindin my own, i’m building a building not made out of stone
i live in the house wit my mama, but mama i wanna be gone
i see a new way but sometimes it gets hard they get in my way
trying to tell me to do it they way, but i am still gon do it my way
n-gga tryna tell me what he been through
and still holdin on tight to what he ain’t do
n-gga i done see a lot of dis wit my eyes too
n-gga i’m just tryna figure out all my own moves
n-gga i done got low, i got right
i made moves, and went left
i started with myself, now i’m livin my dream
my heart wunt right i had to balance some things
all i had to do was bring the focus to me
ya gotta see ya self man im acknowledging we
and this sh-t gettin mean
i be like dont get it twisted, they like the h-ll you mean
but im just sayin i’m me; i’m tryna betta everything just let me focus on me
but in the mean time n-gga, imma burn dis weed

tell me what they gon do wit me (they can’t do nothin )
with a n-gga like me

[verse 2]
runnin out the front door
i got my own mind, “ya if ya say so”
i need some more time, mama i ain’t got dough
i gotta get mine, still tryna get more
ain’t got nuttn but i’m walkin round shameless
n-ggas runnin round still on the same sh-t
i gotta get whats mine while i k!ll time
all down but i walk along green mile
so im gonna make sure that i get straight
move my family out the way in a safe place
let em know its all love when they feel bad
and even though we in the mud we gonna get back
we gotta see it as it is but its all good
its been a lot of mike browns out in our hood
so imma stand up for mine, gotta grind
gotta see it in your mind, and remember that you have a gold mind

[hook 2]
tell me what you gon do wit me (you can’t do nothin)
with a n-gga like me

[verse 3]
i opened up my own mind
and now i see everything from my third eye
i got a birds eye view when i look down
and i was lookin down on me, how i got found
and i know you’ve searched but came up short
because you looked outside yo self
but then i, turned back around
then i hit the ground running
faced fears cause the devil he be creepin on me
yeah the devil is a trip
thats why i do the opposite, all i do is live
focus on my self, and when i think about it give
to the ones who dont understand, biggin up the next man
im just tryna be a betta man
no i can’t be like no other man
but on the other hand man
imma still be myself to the ones with the upper hand

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