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american dreamin' - b.o.b

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“american dreamin'”

well i got up today
and i put on my shades
and i said i was fine (i’m fine)
but everyone knew that i was lying
if you look at my face
and the way that i behave
you will still see a disguise
even if you was blind (d-mn)

but now i’m saying bye, goodbye
american dreaming
american dreaming
its not that hard to find
cause most of the time
i’m american sleeping
i barely can see it
but now i’m saying bye, goodbye

as i rhyme and i rap
the average listener is blind to the fact
that my mind has been tapped
i carry the world as it lies on my back
my spine coulda cracked so
please pay me no mind as i laugh
this is all a stage every line is an act
killing the american dream with a trap
like a axe, i’ma put it in a sack
i’ma put it in the back of the black cadilliac
cause i’m travelling
some say that i’m throw like a javelin
i’m really tryna expose to the galaxy
then break off the mould to normalities
people called the election a tradegy
looking at the screen like this can’t be happening
i ain’t saying that i’m some kind of activist
but someting be attacking us


okay, bring it back
i was filling my time just posing
like a mannequine you p-ss by
tryna make it one day to the big league
where the girls ain’t hard to find
all the time i was just searching
a plastic promised land
and i got myself entangled in a corporated plan (sign here)
but a dream is nothing
and it’s everything at the same time
so you never know when you might wake up
and find you was just living a lies
goodbye, just like trey said
goodbye america, goodbye
cause anything but the truth is a waste of time


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