snapchat (prod. bricc fam) - atcreams&j buddha

Te rog, așteaptă...

[intro: atcreams & j buddha]

[verse 1: atcreams]

hit your ho up on snapchat
pray to my lord that her -ss fat
if she come in close ima grab that
even if you close ima have that

moving cross-country comes with different views
only like my honeys when they come in twos

girl, you gotta go, don’t be acting rude
are you drinking sir? no, i’ve had a few

help them realize camouflage ain’t help you hide
eyes will realize there’s mirage up in them thighs
in garage i park my ride, i won’t let you out my sight

atcreams, on the hunt for the come-up
stay hype ’till the sun up

took a little break, hopped back to the west-side
swear i have the best life, dare come and test mine

it’s about time, that i lose it for the lucy for the goonies
lose it for these haters come and sue me
lose it for españa that’s my roomie
lose it in el baño when i’m grooming

it’s about time that i lay low
in miami beach or the bay, hoes
hip work when she tango

tryna take this thing slow
tryna take this thing slow
mrs. cremo has it’s ring tho

[verse 2: j buddha]
n-ggas lookin for the newest way to say they fly
nest in the west end, bet i been high

pull up in a 3 door coupe, give it time
no time for the stressin’, outta my mind

money mag, paper chase, gotta get mines
praise to the highest, n-gga got ties
alternate doctrines, altercate time, with these things

who else make your mood ring change when he come thru? smoov j

and the white kids listening to wu-tang
if i got no tie, i be with my new thang; sn-tching the food from up off of your food plate

wash words out your mouth like it’s coolgate, run up
meant to colgate
meant to say suave
n-ggas too suave, like some agave

[outro: atcreams & j buddha]

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