blind and unkind - ataris

Te rog, așteaptă...

you inhale the toxic fumes,
i look away, and then resume to…
do all the things that i told myself
i wouldn’t ever do.
why do i always believe,
that i’m in love with everyone i see?
and, why did the next one have to be you?
why do you believe that everything i say is
why must i always do this?
why do i put myself through this?
love is blind and so unkind…
i never can make up my mind!

i undo the thought from my head,
forgetting all you ever said.
today it’s you, tomorrow someone else,
maybe i’m just better off by myself!
i forget that it’s just you…
and not some person that i’ve always knew!

(chorus repeat)

love is blind… love is a lie!

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