versuri tokyo drift - aspect unsigned

Te rog, așteaptă...

i just whipped a phantom out in tokyo
skerrtin off wit keekee b-tch no ovo
blue lights suicide
tokyo drift do or die
who am i b-tch u decide
hit 125 wit u tonight

im bold like some bold text
cash out on big checks
im spicy hot thats big red
working out so i can go flex
my chick wet she don’t get stressed
she dont need to sweat unless she undressed
she bitting all on my lip tat
it say aspect cuz my view blessed
drowning in the p-ssy pool s-x
my bank account show movement
y’all netspends show goose eggs
i slice these haters thin reuben
i’m brewing wit a cuban
in cuba b-tch im fuming
i’m zooted i’m zooted
new phone i’m like who dis

- versuri aspect unsigned

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