versuri 0 to 100 cypher - ashtin larold

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse 1: mat4yo]
yo, i’ve been in first, so i’mma add the 99
i do it real quick, fix your wrist and wind the time
up before you miss my missiles flying by, i’m the guy
who can annihilate an eye before you can find rewind
find out why you need an eyepatch, i’mma ask the doc
basic rappers, lasik-havers only seeing half the clock
thinking they can get from 0 to 100 fast as moi
klingon onto the stars as if they thought they’re master spock
check your watch, and the roster, i’m not after-dark
you better be noah-ing, my flowing begins to flood, that’s when disaster starts
only one of me since i blasted apart half the ark
you couldn’t re-create what i make, cause this craft is art
and all of y’all are toddlers who be drawing on the wall
i’m an artist painting ceilings while you’re struggling to crawl
i was on top when i started, and while you followed the dotted lines
i just got in the tardis and i’m regarded as marvelous
i’m quick with a pen, my wit’s the scabbard for the sword
if you think you’re mighty, you better cite me in your report
i’m the force that warrants you to not perform anymore
so give me my credit, and start walking towards the door
screw these unimportant scores, i said i’m evil at the start
feeding apples to these people who are feeble in the heart
i am regal in my art, i’m like an eagle, like a hawk
and i be lethal when i squawk, you’re just a beagle when he barks

[verse 2: k-mmer]
first track ever, i don’t need an introduction
ashtin, me, and matt rapping in conjunction
we’ll win a grammy with this lyrical production
everybody jocking me, i’m feeling all this suction
it’s something, that mike giraldi’s even sucking me
except i’ll hit “accept”, and you know she won’t hang up on me
this kid is lost treasure, all the ladies gonna plunder me
my bars have peaked at maximum heat
they’ll reach incredibly high degrees in kelvin
getting f-cked with? seldom
break you into parts, and then i’m gonna sell them
big hoss on the beat, chumlee, go and tell them
the old man and corey said you b-tches ain’t welcome
do what i plan to do and come up from nothing just like rocky
i keep eating, and not a single person gon’ stop me
you rappers malnourished just like my tamagotchi
sedated and raped this track, bill cosby

[verse 3: ashtin larold]
been rapping long enough to pay my dues
this is my house; when you enter, you better remove your shoes
i’m a veteran heckling the heck out of all you dudes
or, better yet, a predator just looking at you as food
who the f-ck are you?
i’m a deity, beating plebeians easily
you little f-cking fiendish comedians want a piece of me?
this evil g*nius will leave you bleeding, wheezing and screaming
for a legal treaty to end this grievous beef with me peacefully
f-ck a hundred, i’m zero to mach 20
this industry’s a joke; quite frankly, it’s not funny
a bunch of dummies just hungry for f-cking money
bars hotter than the sun is all that you’re getting from me
i spit better sh-t than this embellished rhetoric
expressing my lament for the present lack of intelligence
my vernacular’s excellent, charismatic, and elegant
keeping intellect relevant, take a guess what my message is

- versuri ashtin larold

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