an angels burden - ashen reign

Te rog, așteaptă...

as the angel flew overhead
cast down by the ocean he bled
heaven’s battle by far was not won
if he had not did what he had done
lucifer would surely have won

will his wounds heel he does not know
this hero’s face will never show
no sacrifice without gain
no one will ever know his name
the angel cast out by his shame

heaven only knows that you cannot win
when betrayal is your only friend
forgive but cannot forget
this life is filled full of regret
angel of mercy forgive my soul
give me a life where i can grow old
these battle scars i cannot accept
as the path i chose heaven wept

[verse 2:]
the evil one thought he had it all figured out
had no idea he’d be cast out
the favorite one, he was above all
one third of angels heard his call
he loved himself above them all

the only one he trusted was his friend
our sad angel’s journey begins
to save heaven, he threw in the abyss
he sealed satan’s fate with a kiss
our angel he could not miss

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