apollogies - apollo

Te rog, așteaptă...

yeah, yo, uh
‘broke not broken’
yo, yeah, uh

[verse 1]
livin’ off of food stamps ain’t nothin’ what you heard
we used to be on government aid but government raised
they stakes like t-bo’s name before fame
we boutta make a k!lling ’cause there’s maggots on the table
i remember months where i ain’t never had no cable
’cause the network shut it off with the electric heating
eating food without labels, livin’ life felt like a fable
when i really reminisce, it reminds me to feel grateful
d-mn, i’m on a mission, livin’ life ain’t what it seems
when you followin’ a dream, motherf-ckers finna need
to intervene up on my real sh-t, so find a time
for me to deal sh-t so i can make a living
livin’ nine-to-five’s a given if i can’t make sh-t for spittin’
motherf-ckers and they cronies, i’m apollo and they system
never followin’ a sister, finna do this on my own
mother f-ck a record deal, i’m independent, now i’m gone

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