cowboy - anya marina

Te rog, așteaptă...

there was a dive bar and a cowboy
well, not a cowboy really, but he wore the hat
and there was someone who looked like me
at least a little, but not exact

he said, “i’m gonna take you out proper
you and me are going to the zoo.”
and i pretended that i was bored
and i could take my eyes off of you

all i had to do was ask
i never knew that this would last
i never knew what i was in for
this town thinks it’s got your number
it’s unlisted, but they can wonder and guess and speculate on you and me

little did i know,
little did i see
little did i know just how far our little car could go
little did i know

said he was damaged over whiskey
a kind of kerouac over cigarettes
“let me guess, you’re a gambler, too?”
he said, “i bet i marry you.”

well, i was talking like a bad–ss, too
a kind of animal all my own
“no one’s ever gonna tie me down,
especially not some romeo.”

all i had to do was look
you were such an open book
how could i miss what i was in for?
go on ahead and be a loner
pur on your distant look and roam around the west
like jack and neal and dean

little did i know

and i drove a thousand miles for you
i even bent the rules, it’s true
i swear to everything above
i never knew you at all, my love

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