versuri 02 suburban - ani

Te rog, așteaptă...

aye what time is it
(alarm clock beeping)
nevermind, nevermind, it’s going off
imma get up. gimme a gimme a. gimme, gimme like 3 minutes

[verse one] (a.n.i)
people treat me like snapple cuz all my tea just be spittin’ facts
notes only visions that i see clearly like raven’s back

mood ain’t been changing ain’t need a ring just to notice that
hoopin’ or married there ain’t no copper that’s changing that

look for views like i’m drizzy but ain’t no six just a 40 flip to a nine and some ppl that waste my time
i’ll look alive when i’m choppin’ it with the crew rollin’ platinum and a 5 sippin’ odee without the lime

people think that i’m smokin’ woods and actin funny
i’m flippin’ pack without taxes before my classes dummy
i wasn’t raised to be stupid that ain’t allowed i got naija blood runnin’ deep and some parents that should be proud

black n-gga that wasn’t fittin his whole life
when i was younger my n-ggas say i ain’t talk right
i ain’t seen em’ in years, but now i talk like
a n-gga that been makin’ his money, i think that talks right
aye what time is it? did i sleep through it?
know what f-ck it lemme check my phone
let me hit that, pass me that
bet you got that cottonmouth
imma leave this to you

[verse 2] (brian brown)
my fault if i ever came your way with it
anybody’s heart is something to be played with
toying with emotions, tryna see if more in store
who all else is with you, ask me, the games again oh, okay
bb ain’t perfect, if you ain’t heard by now
done made jams about it, listen to the crowd
standing ovation, jeezy back in 05′ 101 sole survivor
treat it like it’s trap or die
can’t bare what’s meant to be
get it rain, sleet
hail, snow, man
boys in the hood need something to believe in
why you think i’m in this motherf-cka on the frequent
livin out ya dreams round my way far and few man
too many that my homies could name, really k!ll me
love to all that ain’t hear tho, please walk with us
sometimes we just get so lost
here and there be our fault
think i finally get that now
peep that what i just found out
uhhh, i been lonelyyy

outro (a.n.i)
yeah, h-llo
yeah, i just wanted to tell you
my bad my bad, i slept through it
but im cool to reschedule if you are
thats cool?

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