she's doing it with lazers - andy mccoy

Te rog, așteaptă...

hey mr. seen it all come listen to me
i’ve lived lemura ‘n’ you can’t even dream
i’ve climbed the tree of life
gone back in time
the akashic archives babe
i made them all mine
i took a long long ride to medieval madras
yeah man i took with me
the wind and the trees
thru secret valleys to a god
like stream
where’ the light of the golden dawn
washed over me
i searched 600 years
please do understand
i’m not trying to prove a point
but it was here in my hand
i made the best ever deaf
with some guy up above
gave me wings of motion heard the ring of true love
from the streets of rio
to the slums of madras
burns such a desire to know
of the woman i had
yeah took a long ride to medieval madras
just to see these women i once had
the akashic archives baby
now there all mine, mine, mine
yeah i’ve climbed the tree of life
gone back in time
angels of babylon please watch over me
i’ve got this tendency to be indiscreet
but in her celestial bliss
i get my release
and you can go there too now baby
cos i planted the seed

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