versuri 007 - andrew huang

Te rog, așteaptă...

i do it like bond
007 k!lling villains from across the pond
on her majesty’s secret service
license to k!ll these evil persons
step to me, i am not the rookie
slay eight weak cats – octop-ssy
but you know i never mean to disrespect her (spectre)
treat a lady right, diamonds are forever
forever ever?
fly her to the moon, rake her (moonraker) in like chips
at the casino royale ’til we’re meeting with our lips
the spy who loved me was fierce but not the only one
my doctor knows (dr. no) just where i’m coming from
rush you with love (from russia with love)
nothing’s enough for the man with the golden gun
the world is not enough, and i won’t just lie
not a bystander, i aim with a golden eye (goldeneye), blaow
hold triggers with a gold finger (goldfinger)
go big or go home, so i go bigger
coming with a sound like thunder, balling (thunderball) like a boss
you can see the sky falling (skyfall) when i drop these
ill broadcasts, for your eyes only
a view to a k!ller verse on your video screen
flaunt it while i contemplate a quantum of solace
if you live and let die, you’ll be due condolences
i’m throwing down the gauntlet, double down or fold
because you only live twice – y.o.l.t
yesterday’s gone, but i took my chance to own it
tomorrow never dies, but we only ever have the present moment
the living day lights (the living daylights) up with the sunrise
never say never again, don’t let the drums die
another day comes fast, then it’s flames
that’s why i move quick like james

- versuri andrew huang

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