0-100 - andre frost

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse 1: andre frost]
hey! ight you already now who it is ya boi
about to hoop on this zero to 100
ahh its ya boi andre frost 0-100 im the motherf-cking boss boi boi
to get a feature its going to cost boi
im telling thots to get lost boi
thankful for my god and fam
shout to goose he’s my day one man
came up in the game with drawn out plan
step one turn your b-tch into a fan
o lord f-ck up at the door
tell em not to snoring cuz im running sh0r- to sh0r-
finna blow up like this a world war
this that sh-t that everyone been waiting for


i keep it real i don’t cheat
got your girl under my sheets
came up in the streets
im murder in these beats but my face so sweet
0-100 all you others are weak

somthing quick ya know
im out see you next time

ah that sh-t was g-y

- versuri andre frost

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