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behind me now - amos lee

Te rog, așteaptă...

behind me now

all my best days are behind me now
photographs tell of my wedding vows.
and if you want heroes then i’d sail up to the stars
for all i got beneath my skin are tears and scars.

i walked in these shoes ten thousand miles,
been through all sorts of blading trials,
so if you want heroes then i’ll tell you where to go
i’ll sell you a map to find the faces that you know
oh but for now i’ll just be at this all night show
oh yes tonight i’ll spend my lonely dollar slow.

yes i’ve loved and lost and loved again
happy ever after’s never been
if you want love then i suggest that you not wait
cause i will new know not what i’ve waiting at heaven’s gate

all my best days are behind me now
still i find a way to live somehow.

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