right where you are - amiss

Te rog, așteaptă...

you see me as i’m falling down
you catch me before i hit the ground
you lift me up showing that i am found
i can’t explain what you mean to me
i’m touched by you if only you could see
i love you. i’d do anything to be

right where you are
you seem so very far away from me
i’d die just to hold you
i hope that you’re thinking about me to
this distance is killing me
i only wish that i could see you now

i miss your scent, your touch, your embrace
i miss the smile upon your face
i miss your voice telling me that i’m ok
did i or did i not show
how much i love you i want you to know
i love you. i’d give up everything to go


your words you gave to me
permantly remain in my mind
you can’t rescue me from where you are right now
but i know someday i’ll find

(chorus x2)

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