versuri aoi shiori (anohana) - amalee

Te rog, așteaptă...

poured out over countless pages
all our feelings take up all the empty sp-ce
but there’s a line yet to be written

and it’s lost like a missing puzzle piece

i put in this flower as a bookmark
i’ll grab the bike that we found thrown away and roll along with you
it’s funny how we’ve built these castles to tear them down once again

is it true, that upon that hill you can still feel the ocean breeze?
this sky, too blue, a detail we might forget
but promise me at least, you’ll remember me
and the days that we have shared

my tears still reflect all the light we’ve gathered
and now it’s shining in my direction
but still, i cannot shake this feeling that something’s wrong here
you’re there, i can still see you at the end of the road
but i already miss you so

i make a wish and i turn to the next page
as i pull the ties on this thin wishing bracelet
hey, won’t today be the same day as always?
so, come rain or shine ‘cause i’ll still call you anyways

if i could hold all of the love in this world
(i didn’t notice that my bracelet had fallen off)
i’d find a way to shine it in you your direction
(but i cannot find it and can’t seem to tell you)
something must be wrong with me

“if you choose to give your heart away
put in my hands, i won’t break it”
we both laughed like every other day
but i really meant what i said to you

i made it in time, i can’t believe it
the city was fast asleep but we didn’t care one bit at all
hey, can we start where we left off?
and build our castle again

so, let’s go up on the hill where you still feel the ocean breeze
my hands are cold from holding this soda can
i wonder if you’d let me hold on to yours
all my life i will reach out for you

i wish this moment would last forever
that in the end, we would be together
but time is slipping by way too fast so please don’t go and say
that we’ll forget this anyway as if it’s all in vain
let’s enjoy this while we can

i feel reality push against me
as it comes crashing in my direction
please say that everything is still same from where we had left off
i see you writing down the ending of our story
but stop— and leave that part unsaid for now

i make a wish and i turn to the next page
as i pull the ties on this thin wishing bracelet
the first-morning train is now making my heart race
hey, won’t today be the same day as always?

something must be wrong with me

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