dispirited chambers - altered aeon

Te rog, așteaptă...

imprisoned inside this strange construction

darkness is constant around me
i can sense but i cannot see
something creeping along the walls
something guarding the chamber doors

withdrawn into this place
from all impressions safe
and yet fear escalates
choking me in it’s embrace

disillusioned i entered here
in isolation ensnared
but a mind cannot be escaped
nor the horrors it chose to shape

self imprisoned in
dispirited chambers
where shadows form a circle strong
where shadows whisper in unknown tongue

every moment here feels like centuries
these chambers reek of tragedies

suddenly i move towards the doors
through sense not sight i keep this course

the shadows they come alive
promising death`s to arrive
but my sanity left here long ago
and i`m determined to follow

selfcaged inside
dispirited chambers
the key is the state of mind
inside dispirited chambers

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