versuri 07 lynch - allblack

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse 1: daboii]
i ain’t f-ckin’ with you n-ggas, b-tch stay over there
two glocks under the mat, a k in the chair
it’s a dirty -ss game, f-ck playin’ it fair
and if a n-gga want smoke we takin’ it there
b-tches let ’em break they necks, i’m makin’ ’em stare
twin glocks for an opp, he datin’ a pair
let a n-gga run up on me, he facin’ his fears
ain’t maskin’ up on that skit, you playin’ with years
n-gga get up out my face with all that friendly sh-t
you want to play but you’re still broke then you a silly b-tch
n-ggas love talkin’ on the net, they got me really bent
i up the hammer, ask that n-gga what he really meant
if i give a b-tch a dose she gon’ fall in love
f-ck a half fifty clip, you can’t tote slugs
dice game ten to four, hittin’ all the thugs
glocks, chops, and xds, we got all the guns
still with the same n-ggas if you ain’t know
let a lightweight hit this blunt, he gon’ ko
she gon’ take every order, she don’t say no
instead of playin’ one side these n-ggas play both
put them plates on the whip, we don’t pay toll
all i want to do is ball and make ’em hate more
seventy-five on the drum on the draco
instead of talkin’ all that sh-t, n-gga pray more
b-tch get up out your feelings, come and talk to daddy
you ain’t gotta throw a fit, just throw that p-ssy at me
that n-gga dissin’ on the net tell that p-ssy at me
five seven with a thirty, she a f-ckin’ baddie
stop lookin’ at me like you stupid, like she really stupid
i keep a strap under this hoodie and i’ll really use it
n-gga say he on my -ss, he gon’ really prove it?
tied of n-ggas sayin’ they do this but don’t really do it
dumb b-tch play your role, you ain’t gettin’ no t-tle
middle fingers up high to all my rivals
want fame, big glock, it’s makin’ you viral
when you thuggin’ in that field you play for survival
always look out for the gang, they say i care too much
you know them n-ggas want you dead, you still don’t care to clutch
you run into ’em while you lackin’, bet you care to cut
if you ain’t slidin’ for your n-ggas you a scary punk
i’ma marry all this money while you marry sl-ts
b-tch get up on your knees, suck my hairy nuts
everybody hard-bodied ’til we tear him up
and this chop like rick how i flare him up, b-tch

[verse 2: allblack]
garbage man on monday left the block stankin’
chop your head off, throw a party like a triad asian
caught n-ggas empty and start g-ssin’, the boy lane changing
check blank stacks ’til i’m linked up like a thirty-third mason
told that b-tch lace up her cleats, got a play up in vegas
brookfield b-tch and a thirty-two inch version malaysian
i put a wig on a pig and a coat on a goat
i cop a p and bust it down and i cop three more
throw a smoke bomb on the floor, lay down the whole store
i’ll sn-tch your chain you got from highline and sell it to mo
put on my sweatsuit, hit the blade and knock me a ho
somebody tell me how the f-ck could i ever go broke
get out my ear with all that love you, wanna be with you sh-t
go sell dreams to them n-ggas in your dm or a trick
matter of fact, check that cheese ‘fore you talk to a pimp
i’m only here to feed my seed and stack my chips
got off facetime with tyrin, he cussed me out again
i just got out the county and f-ckin’ up again
and i can’t stay away from backpage, i can’t get enough
just dropped some cash on bitcoins, i’m tryna run it up
kimson dropped and i ain’t even finished going dumb
gazzi said i was a dog, go ‘head and f-ck it up
the way i’m pickin’ off these n-ggas, you would think i was trump
that oakland n-gga shoot like jerry west up in the clutch
n-ggas love hoppin’ on snap with them lil -ss racks
sayin’ f-ck suckers, how you finna do this and do that?
your gang got four rips, n0body slid back
me and you just not the same, i’m a dog, you a cat
thank you for f-ckin’ with me, i go by the name of allblack

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