someone under everyone - all living fear

Te rog, așteaptă...

schizophrenic suicide, but who is due to die.
is it me or him, the one within,
the one who frowns or the one who grins.
there’s someone under eveeryone,
no one is ever as they appear.
what the mirror reflectd, i chosse to reject.
i hide it inside, in myself i fear.

tell me? what do you see?
tell me? what do you see in me?

just a sheep in wolf’s clothing.
filled with hate, filled with self loathing.
for no one seems to see me,
see me as i really am.
not a paragon, nor an adonis.
not a violent man i promise,
but affectionate and caring,
i’m an honest, loving man.

misery is a lonely state,
and one i know so well.
just an island of emotion,
in a self tormenting h-ll.
once again the bottle i try hard to cast,
a simple plea for some help from outside.
though i wait in hope i know it’s all in vain,
for i never put the message

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