versuri 0250 am - alkalipanida

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse 1: alkalipanida]
i came back, road on the same track
i’m frank sinatra but i’m f-cking nameless
i’m p-ssing up the weed know i came planned
eatin’ sundaes with hoes on mondays is the game plan
she got my p-n-s blowin’ up like my main plan
lookin’ for fame, money, love made me a strange man
everything so cold when you came up
but you keep my head hot
ain’t that enough?
dance to a song to which you made love
while i’m grabbin’ her -ss
i make her man watch
he touchin’ on me
i get too rough
hold him down
beat him down
i’m a muslim
cream him now
hear her moan
so acoustic

[pre-hook; alkalipanida]
baby you so fine
where you goin’
i tell her to come by
in the morning
it’s just 2.50 am
to tell the truth i’ve lied (x2)

[hook: alkalipanida]
she call me down
i tell her i’m never around
so so so(x2)

[verse 2: alkalipanida]
so i’m ridin’ ’round yeah
then i call up on your family
call up on everything i counted on
tellin’ me be strong
“i never wanna do this sh-t, this movie sh-t”
feel like my move is slick
i’m cool with this sh-t
they trynna make a fool of me
so, i’m thinkin’ another song to dose you off
singin’ other songs to p-ss you off
thinkin’ what i’ve done to the vodka
girl your body fine, a structure
break the walls, i’m fine, i f-cked her
feel like to rewind when i f-ck her

[verse3: alkalipanida]
bottles on the ground
bottles on the chevy
carry it wit me then leave me buried, yeah
girls from paris, yeah
they wanna dance to a song
til their panties fall
i’m trynna marry that
i overdosed on so many things
i lost control of what i think
nowadays, i feel so numb
paramedics call me up
but i feel the shock
you trynna sell your soul
same cost as hoes
same obstacles
blockin’ me as my p-ssion grows

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