deeper than crying - alison krauss

Te rog, așteaptă...

leaving is the longest word
i ever learned
in the time it takes to say it,
the whole world has turned
if a heartbeat lasts a lifetime
then i’ve lived before
’cause i remember standing
at this open door

this path is not the one i’d choose to travel
even as we watch what tied us unravel
and the tears fall like rain
deeper than crying, the loving still remains

neither wants to be
the one to say goodbye
and neither wants to be
the one who’s left to cry
but in our secret heart of hearts
we both know
that the time for patching up
has p-ssed and it’s time to go


so i’ll be the one
to pull our tangled lives apart
i won’t dodge the angry words
that hide a broken heart
and my calm fare-thee-wells
cannot obscure
that deep inside,
my heart is also hurtin’ so


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