versuri 06) one little lie (from alisha 1985) - alisha

Te rog, așteaptă...

i hear the lines on the telegraph
buzzin’ my head, i have to shut them out
my ears to the ground, but i try to stand up
straighten out
forget my doubt
‘cause i couldn’t bear to lose you
you’re the only one i care for
but i can’t lock out the rumors
i shut my eyes so i won’t see because

one little lie can go a long way
one little lie can go a long way
would i learn to trust again someday?

i try to ask but my tongue gets tied
when i guess the answer
if you turned your head away from me
i know i’d stand there forever
caught out in time by a line
that i wanted you to deny
and you’d laughed and laugh ‘til i cried and cried
i can’t shut out the rumors
burning inside me all the time

repeat chorus

every day is turning away
i feel something new
if i can’t put my trust in you then
we’ve got nothing worth hanging on to

repeat chorus to fade

- versuri alisha

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