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if i could talk to god - alice peacock

Te rog, așteaptă...

if i could talk to god – i’d have a million questions
if we could sit down face to face
i’d inquire how he likes to spend his days
and if he has any regrets about this world he made
everywhere i look, children hungry, people hurting
is it working
does it really have to be this way
i think he might say

hey, it’s really very simple
follow my example,
people, it’s not so hard living the right way
learn to love each other, your sister and your brother
if i could talk to god, i wonder if that’s what he’d say

if i could talk to god — i’d look him in the eye and
ask him about my destiny
shouldn’t i spend my time on grander things
and does it even make a difference anyway
in a world full of confusion
am i part of the solution
and will it take a revolution for the world to change
i think he might say

children you’re not there for a long long time
is it so hard, to just play nice

- versuri alice peacock

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