proverbs - aletheian

Te rog, așteaptă...

(righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people)

born dead in a dead world.
broken promises of flesh and spirit.
broken dreams of life and love.
self-absorption drowns out pure potential.
cold convenience steals an unborn soul.
hardened hearted self-concern enveloped in the grasp of fear.
judgment blinded by emotion, alludes to instincts of self-preservation.
lifeless hand never grasped another.
stone-deaf ears never had a chance to hear the silent cries that never rang out.
empty eyes never gazed upon the beauty.
stillborn heart never ached nor broke nor loved.
a flame snuffed out before the light of day.
a way of life preserved rather than a life.
slaughter of the innocent; exercise of choice.
“life is what we make it,” and we take before birth.
cover up the sins incurred; preserve convenience…freedom…face.

(over 80% of americans describe themselves as christians,
and yet in this same country, about 38 million babies have been aborted in the last 28 years…
if you were to put a gold memorial star in the window of every home in america
that has lost a baby to abortion,
this country would form a galaxy of disgrace
lifestyle is chosen over human life
tragically the surgical solution has been chosen in our country
millions and millions and millions and millions of times…
now ask yourself why god has not blotted the united states from the face of this planet?
the only thing more staggering than the magnitude of the slaughter is the magnitude of god’s patience)

denial of the breath we breathe, exalted shame, disgrace.
rejected source of life and love, forsaken wrath and judgment.
yet peace and patience surmount the sorrow.
freedom, grace, forgiveness through the covenant of blood.

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